if you see jordan
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2003-02-16 17:26:36 (UTC)

its a bloody BLIZARD

haha its like a blizard outside
we're supposed to get 8-16 inches!!!!!

my dad kept saying that we're only gonna get 2 inches and
then its gonna stop...nice dad nice, we already have like 6
inches. i guess the lacrosse games canceled then!!!

well ne way, there were only like 3 cute guys at church
today. i saw one look at me and so i did the thing where
you know they're looking but pretend you dont. hahahah
well w.e

i got in another fight with my mom. i get in like 20 a
day, i really dont know y though, and i also wonder if
we'll ever stop fighting. cause i mean we fight
constantly..GRRR it get me mad just thinking about it.

so why did i get in a fight with her today you ask? well
its gonna seem like the stupid, and it really is, but ne
way, i had on my tan jacket to go to church. when my dad
goes go get your puffy jacket. now i fucking HATE that
puffy jacket, it'll be the death of me!!! i swear i have
gotten in so many fights with my parents over that jacket,
ahhh but its sooooo forking ugly!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT.
but let me continue, i yelled that i hated it and that it
is the gayest jacket and y cant i just wear this one. i
sound like such a brat, but i'm not, its just that my
parents dont let me think on my own and it makes me so
mad. my mom was in a really good mood, but when we get
home from church she goes into bitch mode(sorry i know
thats mean) and shes yelling at me because i didnt do
something that she had told me to do yesturday, cept
whenever she says that i NEVER remember her saying it.

i swear moms have some special radar that picks up on
things that you dont want them to notice. well i'm out

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