My Life
2001-09-25 15:42:18 (UTC)

It's Finally Cold Here in Texas. . .

Well, it's about time. It got below 70 degrees yesterday!
In fact, it was like 62 yesterday and soccer practice. (I
practice in the morning @ 6:30! Not fun.) This morning it
was 57 degrees, which is EXTREMLY cold for us Texans. I
was all bundled up. :-) I love this time of year because
I finally have an excuse to snuggle and cuddle! I can
finally wear my long sleeved shirts too. I tend to
anticipate Christmas at this time and I get all excited. I
love Christmas, not because of presents, but because people
are happy and for the most part. I can't wait. I finally
got over that stupid head cold, and now it's time to find a
vocal coach. I've been look for like 3 days and I can;t
seem to find one in my area. I called one woman but she
wasn't home. Damn. Oh well. I really want to sing.
Well, I'll try to update later. -Cam

PS Does anyone actually read this? If so, drop me a