Angsty anger strikes back
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2001-09-25 15:18:09 (UTC)

We get shitted on and it's all our fault

What makes people so stupid? You idiots, conscious of nothing
but which brand is the right brand and which thought is the
right thought to shove into your primitive brain. That
decaying pink blob long ago shut down in favour of being
mock adored by friends who hate you, shallow mean-minds
that curse you when you’re not there, laugh at everything
that doesn’t matter, your hair, your clothes, not even
noticing the things that do matter, so, pig; what thought
did you pick from the idiot serving of crap from your mean-
minded shit friends this time, eh? Is there even the
slightest realisation that that these received ‘thoughts’
are not really thoughts at all? That you don’t even think
them, you just suck them in and hold them dear and they
pave over the sinking, blackened ground of life that you’d
rather not see at all, just to go wandering on a carpet of
lies and ignorance in your Nike air pumps and your armani
daydreams and your prada brain?

And now, you want to buy something. The stinking barrage on
your sense is diverted, from the source. Your friends have
given it to the sticking corporations that you base your
vomit inducing fake life on. But the synapses are deadened,
you think you know what’s good, you recognise the brand
name on the box not just giving you an idea of the quality
inside, but defining it, making it good, because after all
it must be good, it’s got the right fucking name. The
parasitic evil in your burger heavy gut cries out like a
baby, forces your arm up onto the shelf for that new pair
of shoes, and the shirtsleeved dicks behind the counter
lick their lips in anticipation. They await the rough
spreading of your wallet and gang rape your pathetic wasted
earnings, they’re capitalism’s reamed-out whores. Crap
sells, and it’s all your fault.

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