Sarah's Journal
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2001-09-25 14:56:10 (UTC)

hi all!

Hi. This will be my first REAL entry in a while. I want to
get it done so that I can burn all this software I have to
(I am at work). So, last night I went to Gian Eagle at
10:00 with Missy and Nick. I got milk, Lucky Charms!!!,
Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt!!!, nylons (2 pair, I'm wearing 1
today, I look hot . . . hehehe . . . ), Chips Ahoy
cookies!!!, Phazyme (don't ask . . . ), mixed berry
applesauce, and construction paper. I think that's it. I
got 100% on my Math test!!!!! Ummm, last night Nick and I
watched "run Lola Run" . . . kinda an "off" movie, strange
yet intriguing cinematography. German = subititles = not
the best thing to watch at 12:30 at night when you're tired
and don't want to read, BUT still an interesting,
worthwhile see. I also talked to Adam last night. Fun,
fun. He's great. I am glad that he is my friend ;-)
Life is too confusing for anything else right now
anyway . . . and Nick is too himself, and I love him.
grrr. but I do, and he makes me smile til my cheeks hurt.
I think I shocked the hell outta him last night by actually
taking "No" for an answer.
Right now I am finishing, well, brunch, I guess. I got
here a 1/2 hour early due to a test that I finished early,
even though I got there 20 minutes late. I am eating
Dannon strawberry yogurt . . . not very good =( They
usually have Yoplait at the Bagel Stop, whichI love, but
not today. I also had a turkey croissant and a strawberry
smoothie!!!! Well, I better work. Talk to you all later!!!


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