Steve L

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2003-02-16 15:21:32 (UTC)

feeling and emotions

do u know they people have feeling that some time u can
not explain. I do not know y but I have feeling for a girl
that I never lost this girl we started talking again we
talk but barly see each other. I have has girl friend but
deep in side of me where I had to hide them away the one
girl that love me before I loved her. For some odd reason I
let her go. Now that I look back I wish I tryed to stop
from us bracking up she is really good peason. Then I like
this one girl as much as I love her. I thougth that I found
a girl that could be there for me. Now I know that girl
really only wants to be friends or not even that. Now that
I am talking to this girl again I can not hold back my
feelings any more she is like my dream girl. every thing I
wanted in a girl she has. I can not belive that I was
stupid in leting her go I should have tryed to hold on to
her. For some reason I may have a chance to get back with
her. She care about me more then I care about my self and
there are not too many people like that in this world. I
want to be firends but I also want to be with her. She has
a boyfriend but she does not know how long that is going to
last. All i want it for her is to have a good life even if
it is not with me. My feeling and emotions will not change
for the way I feel about her. I will always remember her. I
will write a Journal entry some time soon see u then.

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