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2003-02-16 15:12:29 (UTC)

another day another diary

Well today we are going to try once again to shop for our
son's 12th birthday. On our way out the door yesterday the
phone rang... never answer the phone on a Saturday if you
have something else to do! We ended up spending the next
six hours calling out guys and getting truck lists. Sent 76
guys to North Carolina to work. Neat thing this time is
hubby was allowed to stay home! yeee!!

Nextels are working up there between the fleet which is
going to make things SO much easier!!! Last time just
Hullon and a couple of the other guys that had cell phones
were able to communicate.

Well I had better get going... way too much to get done
today. One good thing tomorrow is a holiday so I don't have
to worry about rushing to the post office to get the
paperwork mailed off. YEE!


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