Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-02-16 13:34:56 (UTC)

Happy Sundays

Today I went to the city after churchy church and met up
with Gab and Jess and Cameron. They were all in the war
protest rally. But I got there too late for it.. I got to
listen to some cool music though.. this rad Jazz band were
playing the top floor of Borders.. and i watched some rad
bands at the protest rally and saw George play for free for
15 mins before i had to leave with the girls. I met this
guy who is a friend of Gab's from the net.. he's nice..
really genuinely nice guy named Kim. He's pretty cool.. fav
bands are Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead (just like me!).
so yeah i spose i could talk to him for a while if we had
to.. haha.. or if we wanted to... either way. Yeah I saw
cam's channel V video today. He smashed his acoustic guitar
on Live TV.. wat a crazy cat he is.. cam is great. I went
over his house and met this guy named Dwane.. i acted like
a dick head to him and he didn't understand what I was
doing.... cool.. i like it when people don't get my
humour... cos it's funny to me somehow... The only people
who almost always get my humour are phil and cam.. i love
laughin it up with them two. Phil moves to Gatton very
soon.. that will be sad. His b'days on saturday.. i gotta
get him something real tops cos he's my best mate. I'll
miss the champ. hmm O week is this week.. wow.. i'm such a
study bug already.. uni's gonna be quite cool though. At
the moment I am feeling quite peaceful with things.. it's
anice feeling. And I'm listening to this real old B side
recording of the Vines (kick ass!) called "Sun Child" I
like it.. it's just real simple like very beatles mixed
with maybe led zeplin or maybe The Who style. It's very
1960's-ish anyway. The Vines are great fun.. i love those
blokes.. seeing them live kicked the worlds ass. hmmm..
anyway bed time now... that was my weekend..goodnight!