American Princess

Chaos in Our Every Day Lives
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2001-09-25 13:38:16 (UTC)

Too Cold!!!

It is WAY too cold for it to be September! I had to wear my
wool winter coat this morning cause it was butt puckerin
nippley out! I mean, we're talking chicago winds
north carolina!!! I mean, I realize that we're on a mountain
and we're 3,333ft high, and it's GOING to be cold...but in
September?!? Mornings like today make me re-evaluate WHY
exactly I came here for school, leaving my (literally) warm
comforts of home. Oh well, life's an experience...might as
well make it a worth while one. Now, why I chose to get cold
apple juice this morning from the vending machines upstairs
is beyond me. Apple juice and mini muffins...a well balanced
breakfast *winkwink*
Fall only lasts about two weeks here on the mountain, and
it's a shame cause fall has it's own unique beauty to
it...especially with all the trees around here.

Why is it that when I'm walking home from class I think of
all these topics to talk about in here, and yet when I sit
down at my desk they all somehow escape me? It's the eighth
wonder of the world I suppose...