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not set
2001-09-25 13:12:13 (UTC)

1st entry here.

well, this diary is really just for u, also, that icq no.

something i wanna say really is not that good to disclose
to the world... mostly those words for u, or, some hidden
thoughts in my mind. i just wanna share with u.

in the past, of course, i did know some of my personal
stuff shouldn't be open to all; however, i didn't think
that i should hide my thoughts or any of my viewpoints.
well, now, i really understand what so-called 'DOs'
and 'DONTs'. why i need to open myself to all and attract
misunderstanding or any other bad feelings to me myself?

doorface is good for ever to deal with those damn people.

they are simply shit - yet, i am just not interested to
argue with them anymore. i will save the energy and time
to work and earn for our future.

Pauline, thx for ur support and help. really. i don't
know how to express my appreciation to u.