Cold chillin

Bernie Calderon
2003-02-16 08:55:06 (UTC)


Mood: 15 minutes after fuck fuck fuck
song of the moment: Jealous Guys by Ma$e
setting: 2nite
"Damn Bernie, ur drinkin now or wut?" (its about damn time)

"Nah i dont drink i told you already" (wuts this guy
talkin about?)

"Wutever dude i saw you drinkin!" (i got him now)

"wutever fool" (trippin)

"dude wut is that ur drinkin? tell me thats not beer!"
(gotcha now!)

"ok well i guess u got me.. it is beer" (yeah got me)

"great aint it?" (got another one hooked)

"yeah i love this beer... root beer.. cream soda 2 b
exact!" (stupid ass)

"oh its cream soda... mah bad" (oops)

"yeah its juss cream soda... sorry 2 disappoint you" (told
u i dont drink)