Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-09-25 12:21:46 (UTC)

Another moan...

God damit. Everyone assumes having a boyfriend makes
everything right but it don't. My current guy lives in
Plymouth and came up to Bristol yesterday to visit me and
go to a party with me. Now I'm kinda going off him a bit,
and yesterday confirmed my worst fears. the party was shit
too. Thing is, I don't wana split up with him now coz he
spent over £40 on a room last nite! (Thats about $90). I
feel guilty, but I gota do it soon coz otherwise I'm
stringing him along. I'll do it at the end of next week.
face to face (if I have the guts...)

Other than that life ain't too bad. Went to my mates party
Saturday and got pissed for the first time in my life! It
was great fun! Although I went round hugging and kissing
everyone and straddled one of my mates! But still, it was
all in jest. However, I did say to my mate Nick in my
intoxicated state "I love you Nick but I love Kathryn and
Ben more" and he got really upset about it. I know it was
hurtful, but I can't even remember saying it and he's got
so worked up about it. Everything's kinda ok now, but he
over-reacted far too much!

Anyway, I'll be off,