Place To Vent
2003-02-16 08:00:58 (UTC)

We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

my sis and i are such weirdos. we're all dancin weird to
these songs and singin "go shorty, it's yo birthday. we're
gonna party like it's yo birthday..." lol. anyway i also
hung out with uyen. that's right. i was with my babay! yes,
that means YOU uyen! we had a night filled with stalking,
fraps, and video games. yummy caramel fraps from coffee
bean. mmm mmm good! we also were stalkers and got uyen's
camcorder. we came back to her house and played mario
party. i suck at videogames by the way. grrrr! naw it was
fun but peach was a lame player. i gotta remember to pick
luigi next time. he's cool!! we also did some videotaping.
i kept rewinding her "oops!" lol. and then laughed at my
cross-eyed face and uhhh weirdness. mwahahaha. it was the
frap that got me all hyper. trust me, only uyen will ever
see me like that. maybe johnny too. to everybody else, i
only SEEM normal. very few people know about what friday
means. ;) i came home to a somewhat empty house. gizmo
greeted me as usual but my grandma was sleeping and my sis
and parents are out. PARTAY TIME. haha, jk. with wut
friends? i wish i had a best guy friend who actually lived
in boibank. that'd be awesome. he could be like the big
brother i always wanted. awww! ya, sucks to be me. like
hangin out with johnny yesterday was so much fun even
though it was for a short time. but seriously, if he lived
here i'd wanna hang out with him a lot. for goodness sakes,
he lets me put lipgloss on him!!! and squeeze his cheeks!
(his face! u dirty people!) i could hug his arm with no
worries. he sure is cuddley. johnny if u ever read this - i
wish u were in borebank and called me more!!! we barely
talk now, grrrrr! but ya, i still care about u and don't
take forever on deciding what u want. don't let good things
slip away from u...cuz i know i did. i love you lots LITTLE
bro. hehe. muah!


i got my pics from utah today too. gosh i counted all my
first cousins...i got like 30. and then double that are my
2nd cousins. awww i miss it already. if i lived over there
i would never be alone. i'd always have some cousin to call
up and hang with. i'd be dependent on family rather than
friends. cuz let's face it - family is always gonna be
there. friends ditch ya and it's very rare to find a TRUE
FRIEND. at least i found one. ya ya i love u uyen. can't
say it enough man. you entertain me on my lonely
nights. "oops!" alright well i'm outta here cuz it's gettin late.
PEACE and SOOUUULLLL! xoxo - drela

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