The bald guy with one ball and stumps fo
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2003-02-16 07:15:18 (UTC)

Insane in the Brain

Music- Cold-End of the World
Think-a-Thought-If we're gonna bomb 'em, why the hell
haven't we done it YET?!?!

Well, face to face with the ole diary once again. Well, a
few things that are going on in my life-
1.)St.Valentines Day-To some a joke, to others a holiday
to romance and love your lover.
My opinion- Valentines Day is everyday for me and Megan!
She got me a lot of stuff for V-Day. I got balloons and a
card and a cookie cake, as well as two very nice shirts
(Echo, and Dickies). She is such a sweetheart! Yes we are
still going. Almost 3 years in the making! It's really
amazing. I do still love her very much, more and more with
every passing day. I feel like shit cuz she has to wait for
her V-Day gift(s). I am out of a job right now, and it
really sucks! She is trying to get me one where she works,
but that is going slowly.
2.)Well, I had to sit at home today. My Civic isn't
running and I couldn't use the parents car, because they
were being assholes! I got so pissed today! I called my dad
a prick, and my mom a bitch. I just hate being trapped at
home all damn day. Megan is at Ashley's and I wish she were
here! Oh well. I am going to sleep!