heaven key

2003-02-16 07:11:42 (UTC)

valentines day

well i had a lame ass valentines day, and it comes as no
surprise. i went over to nasers house and spent it with
him. every day he says things to me that i dont expect him
to know , like english slang. he learned english just 4
years ago so he has an accent. anyways he and i have been
together for about 3 weeks now exclusively. i see him like
every day, but i get real strange feelings. like one
second , i think im in love, but it doesnt feel authentic
the next day. its up and down. there are days i dont want
to see him , and we are always heving sex. like 3 times a
day . he always asks me about frank, a friend of mine. he
alwasy answers my cell when its him calling, and is all
like hello can i help you. any how too bad i have nothing
at all to write about so im gonna cut this one short. the