2003-02-16 06:36:06 (UTC)


It's just so cold. There are so many things going on right
now. And outside... it's just so cold. I'm so fat and it
makes me miserable. I look outside and see all the
beautiful girls in their cute little outfits. Aren't they
freezing? It's just so cold. My money is down low and I
have a lot of things to pay for. How will I do it? Where
will I get money from? I don't want to walk to the ATM,
it's just so cold out there. My crotch kind of itches. It
doesn't quite burn, but I'm afraid. Please dear God let it
only be a yeast infection! Maybe it's because of the
weather. It's just so cold outside. Girls don't like me in
general. To tell you the truth, I don't really like them
either. I feel like I'm walking alone outside and it's just
so cold. I hope my boyfriend cares about me as much as I
think he does and he says he does. Without him it's just so