Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-02-16 06:20:42 (UTC)

A Potentially Terrifying Near Future

Wow! What a week! A lot has happened. A lot with school,
I got paid at work, and World War III seems to be
imminent. It's an interesting time to be alive.

Yesterday in American History class, we had a half hour
discussion about the Iraq situation. It was interesting to
hear different perspectives on what we should do. Of
course, I said that I would be willing to pay $2/gallon for
my gas in order to help to prevent terrorists attacks. I
also claimed that we have a lot of other stuff going in the
world, especially the instability in Afghanistan and the
North Korea. The fact that they said they could hit the
mainland US with a nuke scares the crap out of me.

It does look like we are going to go into Iraq,
unfortunately. I feel like we are falling into a trap. As
much as the Middle East may hate Iraq, they certainly hate
us much, much more. When we invade Iraq, I think that
their neighbors will come in and try to surround us. I
also believe that the US will get constantly anniliated
with terrorist attacks and potentially even suicide bombers
(that's scary crap). It's probably not good when I have my
video camera ready (with 6 tapes and 2 full batteries) just
in case there is an attack anywhere near Orlando (which
certainly is a possibility with all the stuff and people
that is near here).

Something tells me that the hippies may make a return.
With all of this war talk and skepticism, the
counterculture could be a powerful voice in the growing
anti-war movement. I believe that if they come back the
original generation will help guide the newcomers.

Like I was saying, if we do attack Iraq, it could turn into
World War III. I firmly believe that we will encounter
more hostility than the government is telling us. Plus,
Iraq could hit Israel with missiles and if that happened,
all hell will break loose. Saddam could also use his
biological and chemical weapons (my gut tells me he does
have them but they aren't in Iraq right now) and send
disease to our troops. Al-qaeda would hit us with massive
terrorism and maybe even a dirty bomb (yikes). Plus, North
Korea claims to have a nuke. Not a good situation for us.
Let's hope our allies will help us out.

Well, shifting gears, school was good this week. As
anticipated, I earned an A on the Canadian history test and
I got an 85 on the Nonparametrics test. Not too bad.
However, the next 4 weeks are going to bring absolute
madness. I have a paper due Monday (I am 90% done just
need to proofread), a test on Wednesday in Radio/TV (it's
online so it shouldn't be too too bad), and I have the
essay portion of the massive American history midterm (it's
all good though I always bring my A game to that class).
It's a lot to take care of but everything should be just

I am still trying to evaluate my options with what to do
with school. That triple degree with the Stat minor option
is very tempting, but it would cost me an extra year of
school. I may opt for 2 degrees and 2 minors, but the
triple degree is my favorite choice right now. I mean, I
plan on going to graduate school anyways, so I will
probably be at UCF for a while as it is. I need to decide
in the next few weeks so that I can plan for the summer and
fall semesters. All I know is that Radio/TV looks to be
out. It's been fun, but I can't see my life going in that
direction, especially with the amount of excess
commercialism in the world today.

I just started reading The Grapes of Wrath for American
History II. What a great book! I am only like 85 pages
in, but it is phenominal. I think that I will enjoy the
story and get a lot out of it.

Today I was reading an essay for American History about the
anti-Imperialists during the Progessive and WWI eras. It
was interesting, especially with all that is going on in
the world today. A lot of their ideals could be seen in
the anti-war movement going on right now.

The time from now until Spring Break is going to be
fascinating on many levels. If the US goes into Iraq,
they'll go in this timeframe. I am going to have massive
tests and what not. I need to decide what to do about
choosing a career path and what I want to do with my life
and what I need to do to fulfill what I believe to be my
significantly important to the world. Who knows what will
happen? Only God knows and He will inform us in His time.

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