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2003-02-16 05:00:51 (UTC)

I need God's help desperately right now

I need prayer from everyone who is here right now, reading
this letter Im writing has been a terrible
day, we'll, let me say, the last 3 days....I went to the
doctor about a lump in my breast, and while I was there, he
also prescribed me some xanax pills for my nerves...we'll,
needless to say, that was a mistake....For the past 3 days,
Ive been in la la land, and my friend from church came over
and threw the rest of the bottle out and flushed them down
the toilet....Thank God! I really believe she saved my
life, with God's help...not to mention, I was passed out in
my car the other night because I could'nt find my keys, my
kids were in the backseat....and guess where my keys the backseat in my jacket pocket....Now, I know
that was God intervening in my life because if I would've
got on the road in the condition I was in, I would've
prolly had a telling what would've happend! All
the Praise and Glory goes to God Almighty! Thankyou Joan,
and Thankyou Lord God in Heaven!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!

Rev. Myrtis V. Doucet