REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-02-16 04:57:31 (UTC)

getting in trouble for something you didnt do

i hate when i get in trouble for something i didnt do...
today like a little earlier my oldest brother my mom and
dad all sat down in my family room and when i came
downstairs there were like go back upstairs. so right
there i knew uh oh im in trouble. Well when they were done
i wanted to know what i did this time, so first i got and
ask my dad. My dad said no it was nothing about you. and
then i went to ask my oldest brother and e said that same
thing...tat it was nothing about me. and i thought to
ymself YES im off the hooke. Plus i couldnt think of
anything i did wrong. Then my mom came home from a party,
and she said it was me. i dunno...cause my mom said it was
while my brother and dad both said to me it wasnt me. i
dont know what to believe this is pissng me off. i never
did anything...i ahte when you get in trouble for
something you didnt do, and no matter what they wont
believe you. My mom told me what they said it was and its
such a lie. Cause what she said wasnt true, i never said
some crap like that. GR its soo friggen annoying!!! and i
bet you they dont believe me. i just wanna know why my dad
and brother both said it wasnt me...they shouldve just
told me if what my mom says is really true. This ruind my
whole day...im gonna go cause life suxs soo bad..

a girl that is gonna get in trouble for no reason!...