All That I Am
2003-02-16 04:49:18 (UTC)

Remains of the Day

Hello, hello. You know today was a pretty eventful day,
both good and bad. So, let me just walk you through it. I
woke up feeling good and energized, today was the day the
whole family was going to go to Portland, Oregon (about
2hrs away) and just see something new. Well, after I was
done cleaning the kitchen me and Amond starting wrestling.
The boy is only 15yrs old and he's already evenly matched
with me which is pathetic, but anyways. So, we're wrestling
and then all of a sudden mom starts freaking out and is
like, "Stop! Stop! Kent tell them to stop!". I thought she
was playing at first and so me and Amond are still
wrestling and then she comes in with a kitchen rolling pin
and looks like she's about to hit one of us and then Kent
turns down the music and starts yellling, "You two need to
knock it off! You're just too ground for that!". And he
said that like 2 or 3 more times. So, me and Amond stop at
that point and I'm in shock because then mom is
saying, "You two know better! You're going to break
something or knock over the shrunk!". Now I wasn't pissed
at mom because I've heard the woman yell so many damn times
I just block it out, plus she's my mom so she's the ONE
person in the world who gets any slack when it comes to
talking to me like that. But not Kent. That was the first
time that's he's ever talked to me like that and I wanted
to throw something sharp at him! I was in shock and while
I'm standing there catching my breath, Amond had gone into
his room by now and he was pissed too and mom and Kent
walked off, I was thinking, "Who the fuck does he think he
is!". I was steaming! I went and took a shower to get ready
for the trip and I think I took the longest shower ever
because I was talking to myself the whole time..."THAT
SUBORDINATE!". To make a long story short, it goes on like
this for the next 3hrs or so...I was uber pissed, I calm
down and was like that's okay I shouldn't have been doing
that it is his house, blah blah blah. Basically the plans
have changed now...I'm going to get the car loan and I'm
using the $1,300.00 or so that I have to move the hell out!
It's his house and he'll talk to me any 'ole damn way he
feels and that's fine whatever, I've gotten good at
ignoring stupid people, but I can't stay here anymore. I
have no privacy and I'm sick of getting yelled at for
stupid shit. Anywho, back to the day...So, it turns out
that Amond's really really pissed and isn't going on the
trip and Kent has homework that he really needs to do so
he's staying so me, rhys, and mom go to Portland. It's a
2hr drive and we first stop on the "non-skyscraper" part of
the city and there is nothing but dreadlocked hippies and
these slacker looking people everywhere! It was awesome!
Rhys was freaking out because out of everyone, besides that
jerk-off Kent, he's probably the most close-minded. I was
loving it and I bought a stress-pinkie ring at a hippie
store. So, we walked around that area for about an hour and
looked at a lot of shops. Then we went to the more "New
York City'ish" part of Portland with all the skyscrapers
and whatnot and it was freaking great! I told mom that
coming here just confirms how much I want to live in a big
city. There was this guy who was like painted and dressed
in all silver outside the mall and at first I thought he
was a statue but he was real! And he just stood there
perfectly still and he had this big crowd of people around
him. I think he was really freaking out the kids who were
keeping their distance from him. So, we go and eat at this
Greek restaurant which was the bomb for 2 reasons: the food
and the guys! There were like 3 guys there (with girls of
course) and they were so hot I just keeping stealing
glances at them. But that was the first time I had Greek
food, beyond a gyro, and so I ordered the Mousaka. It has
some cheese that I never heard of and eggplant, potatoes,
and beef seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon and some other
stuff I can't remember. It was so good! Rhys ordered
kalamari and I was picking off his plate too. Very good
food. We went to the mall and it was pretty cool. It was
five stories up but the fifth floor was under construction
so we couldn't go up there. But there was just nothing but
clothing stores galore in there! It was great, too bad I
had to watch my money because of the apartment/car. That
was until I went into Wilson's Leather and they had a 60%
off sale! I've never had a leather coat and was dying to
have one so I was like this will be my little treat to
myself so I ended up getting this sharp black leather
jacket that comes down about to my knees and has a
detachable hood and a belt, which I loved. It was normally
priced at $230.00 but was only like $91.00 or so after the
60% off! Woohoo! So, you know I was wearing my sleek
leather jacket all through Portland. Besides the ring that
was my only other purchase and that was good. They had a
Ross about a block or two down from the mall and it was
freakin' huge and they had a good selection but I'll wait
to go clothes shopping after I get situated with the
apartment. And that was pretty much the whole day. I saw a
lot of interesting people and the people there were really
nice. We just got back about an hour and half ago. I was
told Seattle is bigger though and unless mom changes her
mind we're suppose to go to GameWorks tomorrow in Seattle!
Waaaaahoooooo! GameWorks is like a massive arcard with bar
and dining area and whatnot so I can't wait. I probably
won't even want to go there, I'll be like just drop me off
at the mall! Damn this is a long ass journal entry. Well,
my hand is starting to cramp and I'm starvin' like Marvin
so I'll write in ya in a few days...or tomorrow, who knows.

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