ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
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2001-09-25 08:14:51 (UTC)


jjq: I just took off the preview pane, in outlook
express... so I don't get a virus. Is that smart?
ergot: you are a sliiy girl
jjq: why?
ergot: silly.. well do you think that will help.. lol.. it
might.. who told you to do that??
jjq: ms megabyte lol
ergot: lol then yes do it.. do you open email from people
you dont know?
jjq: okay, this is a loaded question... lol
ergot: you open the lot dont you?
jjq: not attachments.
ergot: and click on all the shinny things.. lol..
shinny....!! click on it (o:
jjq: -n ;)
ergot: lol bitch
jjq: lol sorry
ergot: fool.. in my new abrigded version of the english
lanuage according to me..

ooh.. a shinny (sic) attachment.. let me click...
jjq :)