Tweek's Mind
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2003-02-16 03:52:01 (UTC)

Awe.. The weekend

i hate having so much to do, and not enough time to do it
in.. whatever happened to spending time with friends and
family.. grr.. i've worked every friday @ Seabase for the
last 2 1/2 months straight.. the 21st is my FIRST FRIDAY
OFF!! *woot* i'm excited.. i am taking that whole weekend
off and going over to Zach's house.. i can't wait.. but i
have to make it through this hectic and tiring weekend
first. i worked yesterday 5-9.. i worked today 11-7.. i
work tomorrow 11-7.. monday 10-5.. and tuesday 3:30-9.. all
the while of attending school mon-thurs. full time.. tis
too much for a 16 year old.. almost 17!!

i'm actually excited for my birthday.. i mean.. i'm almost
an adult.. and passed being one of the "new dumb 16 year
old drivers".. it's going to be nice.

valentine's day sucked.. i mean i spent most of the day
with didi and david.. but i didn't get much sleep at all..
and no one to spend valentine's day with.. and then i
worked.. *grr* yet again.. another lonesome valentine's
day.. i've never had a boyfriend [or at least one that i
got to see] over v-day.. i got a dozen roses then dumped 2
hours later.. does that count?

men: hmm.. love life.. i'm dating zach again.. not
officially together though.. he has to regain my trust
first.. i do kinda like adam.. but he's been in love with
the same girl for two years.. or that's what david told me
and adam denied.. then there's rikki.. he's one of my
really really good friends.. who i don't have feelings for
anymore.. but everyone keeps on telling me that i should go
out with him.. i haven't liked the kid since last year when
i first met him.. i don't know.. we bicker like we're
together.. and act like it.. but i don't know.. i don't
really have feelings for him.. or do i? [lol.. sorry i had
to do that.. it was soo tempting]

well.. i think that's enough for tonight.. goodnight and
thank you for listening to me ramble on.. as always.. it's
been great..