Welcome to Our lil' World (of doom)
2001-09-25 07:30:10 (UTC)

The Day of DOOOOM!!

Okay.....tonight we made a trip to Laguna Beach.....and
here's what happened. It all started when Jen parked to
close to the curb and I had to crawl out the drivers side
door. THen I knew it wasn't a normal night. She usually
can't ever park. So then from there we walked down some
creepy stairs to the beach of doom. The waves were crashing
and the moon was impending doom on us......and so we
walked...into the darkness that was the beach. So we
discovered a new animal and called it a Sea Worm....they are
icky to step on and they have big fuckin fangs with a deadly
poison in their ass....even though we were stepping all over
them we kept on truckin...through the beach of
doom......later that same night.....we saw a beached
whale...so I threw my shoe at it....turns out it only a big
faking rock that looked like a whale......then even
later....we found the AO chair "alcholics only"...aka chair
of doom....contrary to the huge KEEP OFF sign we chose to
climb up anyways.....innocently leaving our shoes at the
foot of the huge chair. So we were sitting there and the
moster of doom from the sea flooped on to shore, rolled its
fat ass up the beach to our chair and took our god damn
shoes...so that friggen sucked. So sitting there barefoot on
the chair we heard a ruumbling off in the distance.....as
this noise got closer we realized it was a huge dick
plane...while we were looking up we lost out balnce and fell
off the chair of doom hitting our heads on the bars of doom
then landing on the sand...of doom. At this point we thought
we were pretty fucked...until the mermen came from the sea
to save us. So they took us into the ocean to there
hospitail where they fixed our heads and put us safely in
bubbles to fly home. But Jen left the parking brake on...in her
bubble and that cause a bit of confusing....but all in all
we are okay. Thank you for your time....it was time well
spent. Till next time...just think about us when you look
at the sky think of us. Thank you and good night.

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