inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-09-25 06:58:28 (UTC)

Crackling toast, Grommet.

i'm feeling sluggish and depressed. I guess that's cuz i'm
tired and i'd been drinking a bit... =P not a lot tho. so
the depression can probably be attributed to tiredness.

i've got an interview 2morrow, at 1pm. i kinda wish it was
a bit l8r, so i'd have time to prepare in the morning.
even tho i'm waking up at 10... i guess that should give me
sum time, but still... u kno me. i'm quite neurotic.
after that, i've gotta call the 2nd store that called me
2day. i wonder if they're gonna want the interview to be
the next day, as well? im kinda hoping not... i dont wanna
be constantly doing that kinda stuff, cuz i'm pretty sure
it'll stress me out majorly. u know. socializing and all
that. and rubbing it in my face that everything's changing.

n e way. im not gonna b on fer much longer, so i just
wanted 2 pop in and write that this is happening. wish me
luck, whoever reads this. not so much that i get the job,
but that i dont freak from going out into that 'outside
world' so much =P


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