Cosmic Rain
2003-02-16 02:10:56 (UTC)

Go The Vish

I FINALLY got an answer as to why Vicki loves Ikea so much.
Has taken god knows how many emails...But seems she ignored
the Garry line. I might have to check that avenue out

"..I dunno I just like the fact that you can get a whole
lot of different furniture and homewares and at this stage
I can buy something and know that no many people in
Adelaide have it. Most of it comes in kit form so its easy
to transport. Some things are very good value for money
and others are downright rude... I just look for the
bargains. I have seen things in the past I have really
liked but cost too much... even I draw the line at


So, it's kinda a status thing. She can prance about her
house when she has guests and do that hint hint thing and
wait for them to go "Oh Wow Vicki, you like have the
coolest of cool furniture, oh where oh where did you get
that from?" And Vicki would chirp in that she got it
Melbourne and they'd go "Oh, you went all that way just to
get this. I mean it's cool, but it's not worth that." I
think I really enjoy that line. "others are downright rude."

Vicki: You are so arrogantly priced.
Furniture: So what lady. You don't have to buy me.
Vicki: But I came all this way from Adelaide
Furniture: Well ya a silly twat then aren't ya.
Vicki: Omg, you are just downright rude.

Anyway, I need to move the ol arse..Meeting Rey and Trina
to go to this festival. Mat is being pmsy and suddenly
isn't in the mood to go. So me gonna move my bum and go
myself. Heck..It's Vanessa Amorosi Free..I'm up for