Nick's Journal
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2001-09-25 06:08:28 (UTC)


Untitled because there's too much to say. Alright just to
get it out of the way, me and 9 other friends were held at
gun point. Blacksburg's finest thought that our fireworks
were guns, and John's laser pointer didn't help the
situation. It was the routine thing "Hands in the air,
turn around....oh it's you again? Drunk in
public again? No? Well you know the drill by now, You have
the right to remain silent.....yadda yadda yadda...".
They're quite friendly when you encounter them EVERY
weekend. Yes so that's that
You know what's interesting? Public Hating. I wonder if
it would actually work. Strap someone into a chair and
just have thousands of people hate him......hhhmmmm. Maybe
that's what Osama should get. Either that or we introduce
Osama to my guinea pig death move.
-- yes well. i was riding in the elevator and i noticed
the "phone" actually it's merely a butotn you push to call,
and i wondered what the hell else it coudl be used for. i
mean do they expect someone to say something other
than "get me the fuck out of this elevator". i seriously
pondered carrying on a convo with whoever was in that
little box....
-- secondly. owens. cash register. if i put my salad in
one container with my pasta it's because i am somewhat
health concious and i don't need sir eats-a-lot to tell me
that i need to take a seperate container, so that his fat
ass doesn't have to gauge the amount of salad.
-- today is/was monday. i had a test at 10:10. it was
pouring rain, and i had no umbrella. most rain jackets
repel rain, mine soaks it up. the guy in front of me in
acis has really bad hygiene. i swear his lice have lice of
their own.
-- i'm a type B i take this monday complacently. sure it
sucks but i can't get pissed about it. i can fume to
myself and act cynical. difference between type B and type
Situation - Person takes your parking space at a very
packed grocery store parking lot.
Type B - Let it go, you'll find another, he's a jerk, dont'
worry bout it. It's a small thing.
Type A - I hope to god he has a lot of extra blood in the
blood bank. Pull up and double park behind his car, so he
can't get out. When he asks you what the hell you're doing,
get out and casually say "shopping". Go inside take a long
time, come back out eating a banana. Wipe remaining banana
all over windshield. Speed off.
Situation - Hit a golf ball out of bounds right into a yard
where it is picked up by the owner, who confronts you with
Type B - apologize for shitty shot. take golf ball humbly
walk away.
Type A - take "spare" weed whacker to grass, because you
feel the owner has let it grow too thick for you to hit
your shot. when confronted, tell the owner that it's
either your golf ball, or one of his personal stash. when
told that you should keep your dirty golf shoes off owner's
property, reply "i'll walk all over your house and
dog....oh wait that's your wife....with these shoes."
My dad is type A....those are his reactions. I love them,
seriously, i mean you gotta admire it. Good night, and
don't piss off my dad.

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