2001-09-25 06:02:59 (UTC)

The stars are out tonight....

Woo! I'm amped. Big time. Today was such a nice day.
This morning, as I drove to school, I realized that it was
not cloudy and foggy like it normally is, but instead was
bright, blue, and clear! The sun was all nice and big and
orange, and I wanted to stop my car and just watch it rise,
but unfortunately, I had to jet to school. Blast. School
ruins all. Anyhow, so later tonight, I was driving home
and I noticed how bright the stars and moon were. And
since I was in one of those mellow moods, I had Coldplay
on, I decided to head down to the beach, and chill out.
The stars were the brightest I remember seeing here in Dana
Point, it was awesome. It was totally relaxing and
whatnot, and I just got to take it easy. Ah, I feel so
good. Well, emotionally anyhow. Physically, I'm still
kinda sick. I think I'm getting better though, so it's
mellow. I'm sleepy, gonna hit the hay.

I realized tonight how life is so unpredictable. I figure
life ought to be lived to the fullest. You may never know
what may happen. I decided that people who are close to
you and deserve a giant thanks for everything they've done
should know. Let'em know. Sound like a Hallmark card or
something. Stellar. As stated: "Dream as if you'll live forever,
live as if you'll die today." ~James Dean (hehe, compliments of