random mumblings
2001-09-25 05:32:51 (UTC)

life is funny sometimes...

so i'm getting ready for work and it's pissing raining so
i'm locking my door and i realize that for the first time
in the year that i've lived here and the 5 years that i've
lived on my own i locked my keys inside. so i talk to my
roommate, bill (the only guy there i can trust) and he says
he'll help me "break in" once i get back from work. which
brings me to work...jean was there, so i thanked her for
trying to show me the way and i had windows XP training.
XP is going to be cool i think but it's gonna be *hard* to
troubleshoot considering that everything different from the
9x/ME stuff and we're not even gonna have it on our
desktops...so training gets cancelled after 6 hours to put
us back on the phones because apparently so many people
were waiting to get through, so by the time we get back to
our desks, there were only 5 people waiting in the queue
and by midnight (when we were scheduled to go home) there
were 40 technicians waiting for callers. one of the
asshole managers, trevor, tried to get us to stay till
12:30 because technically we only put in 7.5 hours but
basically we all told him to fuck himself and went home.
when i got there bill handed me a key and said "see if this
works"...i asked where he got it from and say "don't ask".
i guess sometimes it's a good thing to live with
criminals :) i gave the key back to him and i trust him
not to rob me, which is more than i can say of most of my
other roommates :) well i better go i'm tired and i've
gotta get up early in the morning tomorrow...