Screaming Cathedrals
2001-09-25 05:22:10 (UTC)


Yet another few days have past and I haven't updated my
journal... gee... can any of you guess why?
Yeah... Jon and I have been hanging out more. He's here
right now, actually. :)
Like I said in the last entry... we've been getting along
quite well... but I'm trying not to get too hopeful because
when I do... *bam* ... things get skrewed up.

I know now why Tom didn't email me. Clay sent me a bunch of
nasty messages on yahoo messanger... saying that he had
a "talk" with Tom... or implying that he did about how we
had feelings developing between us. So I guess Clay made
him feel guilty about how they had been friends so long and
that I was Clay's ex... so it just wouldn't be "right" for
him to talk to me anymore. Which sucks... because Tom and I
could have been good friends if nothing else.

Oh well... another one bites the dust. :/

I'm kind of expecting things not to work out the way I
expect them to anymore... so I'm guessing if I think the
worst... then better things HAVE to happen. :)

So... let's just say I "hope" Jon and I don't work out...
hehe... Well... I guess we'll see.. that's what I keep
saying anyway...

He's got the same pessimistic point of view on this as I
do... we're taking things as they come so as not to get too
carried away and so that we BOTH don't get hurt. That's
what's best for us right now. Well.. I'll try to keep
everyone *if anyone even reads this* updated on things as
they go.....

But for now... I'm signing off.