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2001-09-25 05:21:21 (UTC)

Information Superhighway = Road to Nowhere

I am in a bad fucking mood right now. It might be PMS but I
just had my rag like 2 weeks ago. Here we go again with the
awkward periods. Fucktastic. My brain hurts! I've been
online all night trying to make a website with freeservers,
but then it fux up so I tried to make it at like 10 other
places and that didn't work either. Grrrrrr!!! I'm tellin'
ya, one minute the internet is the best thing and the next
it's useless. That reminds me, has anyone reading this
heard the song by John Vandersice "Bill Gates Must Die"? I
feel like knocking him off right now. Rich bastard. He
needs to donate a million dollars to the Red Cross Disaster
Relief fund. He has billions. He can give back and quit
taking all the goddamn time. Rosie O'Donnell (who I love)
donated 1 million and she doesn't have nearly as much as
Bill Gates. GO ROSIE!! Bite me, Billy-boy. ~^~

I miss my sisters. I miss Carmen and Ana and Eliz and
Claire and Loni and Jovian and Jane and Billy and Susie and
Justin and Wanda and Amie and Andrea and Jenn and Jay and
Fuzzy and Brit and Shauna ad Christy and AJ and Dennis and
Gianni and Sean and Sebastian and a bunch of other
people. ::Lays head on desk:: I need sleep. I'm going from
angry to depressed. Cycling again. Damn. Anyone who is not
manic nd addicted to nicotine, you're lucky.

I want my tongue pierced again. I can't wait to live on my
own. Days run together now. I can't tell the difference
between sleep and consciousness anymore. My nerves feel raw
and my mind races. My neck spasms and twitches and I shake
sometimes. Mom says it's from my meds but if they take me
off of them I will be a lot worse off because I know how my
body acts when it's deprived of those meds. Like Sarah
McLachlan says, "I'm so tired, but I can't sleep." But
sometimes all I CAN do is sleep. I'm somewhere between full
insomnia and full narcolepsy.

I'm gonna sign off for now.

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