bitch-it's a compliment
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2001-09-25 05:18:37 (UTC)

boys, boys,boys

so yeah that guy that i'm totally in awe with. He hasn't
aske dme out yet. We haven't gotten to talk yet either. I
made up with my bestfriend. I wrote her a couple of poems
to make her and reassure her that i'm not mad at her
anymore. This sucks. What sucks i don't know but whatever
it is it sucks. Oh yeah. Offspring! You gotta keep em
separated. Man you talking back at me, man you
disrepecting me? Come out and play! Thats a kick ass
song. Me and my friends have started a band. We haven't
totally decided on a name but we are playing heavy metal.
We have written about 9 songs so far. You know what my
favorite thing is. It always makes me laugh. you may
think it stupid but it helps me when i'm down. The part of
the movie scary movie. The bad guy stabs carmen electra in
the boob and he pulls out her implant with his knife. well
the part where he grabs it and says urgh and drops it, is
the best. I rewind and force my self to laugh at it then
it makes my day better. So with this boys, boys, boys,
thing its just that we can't live with them or with out
them. It sucks -man -shit i can't really finish what i was
gonna say right now but i will later.

song-come out and play