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2003-02-16 00:02:25 (UTC)


as usual, i'm sitting here at home doing nothing but
homework. i wish i didn't get so much homework. =/
homework is stinky. i haven't done much today, except
homework, and then i went for a walk and got some lunch
and went to the beach... all alone... i always do things
by myself, i don't get it. even though i have lots of
friends, maybe i'm just antisocial or something. i
actually kinda like to be by myself. i'm surrounded by my
brothers and sisters all the time, sometimes it's nice
just to have some silence. today has just been a pretty
uneventful day.

JULI --- why do you hate me? why do you want me to be fat
and ugly? haha, TELL ME, i'm worried. =(

yesterday was the best valentines day. valentines day has
never been too great for me. i've never had a secret
valentine and i've never liked anyone on valentines day
(I'M ASEXUAL!!). but i don't know, yesterday juli gave me
a big red heart balloon, and all was good in the world! =)
and then caitlin gave me some candy and juli gave me
candy, and kelly gave me candy, etc etc... i felt real
sick. and then today, everyone sorta doesn't like me, all
my friends seem mad at me. i'm so sad. =(

i want to do something tomorrow, but i don't know what. i
want to see a movie tomorrow... i haven't been to the
movies in a long time. oh yea! and we don't have school on
monday! yay!! well, i'm going to go, this was kind of
pointless for me to write, BLEHHH, homework time. bye

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