lost in the dark
2001-09-25 05:05:08 (UTC)

The starting of a new age...

Wondering Y life can always throw you the curve ball,
when you least except it. Well, to me it just adds
excitement to a doll place. Curve ball's can be very windy
sometimes. And just to have one happen makes the mind and
body go wild. They are not always good or bad. In my eyes
they are alway a learning expereince. So, I am going to
start off with this curve ball that just happened to me.

Saturday that just passed, I went out with my friends.
This Saturday, was the curve ball to test alot of things.
It was not an intentionaly thrown curve ball by myself.
But, I guess I helped it out alittle. One of my friends
cousins comes with us to the night club that we visit. I
already knew that this person had a crush on me. For that
sake I like to express that I did not use this to making my
choice to kiss her. I know that you don't see this as a
problem. Things like this happen all the time. But, the
thing that makes this a real curve ball is that she is
almost 10 years younger then me. I personnaly don't see a
problem with age. I am not the type of person that just
goes after weman for the enjoyment of sex (which in its
self is a lie, Sex is very enjoyable). I am alittle on the
old fashion side when it comes to sleeping around. It is
just not thought of. But, to get back to the age
difference. My closes friend in the world right at the
moment makes it really hard to try and see what I can make
out of this. I can see where he is coming from, because I
would be the same way. I have talked to my other friend
(which is the cousin) about the cousin. Just to see about
what would be the correct course of action to take. I don't
want to hurt anyones feelings in any which way. Even befor
talking it over with my friends I already knew what the
course of action I should be taking. They say "experience
is better".
In this case I hope that they are right who ever said
that line. So, I am going to take this really easy like and
see how it turns out. I am hoping in the long run that it
turns out all for the good. But, I also know that if it
turns out bad, I will be losing more then I can probly
handle. Since this is not only going to affect me and the
person that I kissed. This is going to affect the closes
people that I have to me right now. This is a very touchy
time, and one wrong move may lead to something that can not
be fixed. But, I am hoping that it turns out either of two
ways. Very good friends stay good friends, and maybe having
another good friend(The kissed cousin). And the second way
is that if things are takin really slowly and turn out for
the good and then nothing changes. So, I have crossed my
fingures in hope's that I don't screw things up by saying
or doing the wrong things.