Wading in insomnia
2001-09-25 05:03:45 (UTC)

My weekend o fun

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

12:46 AM

Interesting, that’s how my weekend went, well started out
that way at least. I went home Thursday, as you know.
There was the whole Meijer girl incident. Friday I got a
hold of Troy and I ended up driving up to Royal Oak or
somewhere and we hung out a bit, did some boozing. His bud
showed up and we all ended up going to some club type
thing, which I’m not usually a big fan of, but I had been
drinking so I was up for it. The place was rather empty
and somewhat dull. I spotted a bottle of Kettle One Vodka
behind the bar so I ordered up 3 shots of that and it was
some good shit, unfortunately it set me back 15 bucks, I
was a trifle pissed about that. We ended up playing some
pool. I lost the first game to Troy and then we started up
teams against other people in the bar with me and Chad
switching on and off as Troy’s partner. I only played one
game but I whooped some ass which happens sometimes. A
shot and a drink later we were standing by one of the exits
when things got interesting. A couple of fellas were
heading out the door and one just happened to be wearing a
Harley shirt, well I’m not a big fan and in the state I was
in I let him know it. I yelled out (though not that loudly
as I don’t have that type of voice, hell Chad barely heard
me and he was next to me) “Harley’s suck.” It made me
giggle. About 2 – 3 minutes later I was retelling the story
to Troy, when the two bastards showed up again and started
questioning us, turns out the guy with the Harley shirt on
is named Harley and they thought we said Fuck you Harley,
or something like that. We told them it wasn’t us and
after a while left the bar. I damn near started my first
bar room brawl, it felt good. However, that wasn’t the end
of adventures for the night. On the drive back with me
driving, (feeling a lil buzzed but nothing bad) I followed
Troy and Chad’s directions as I didn’t have a clue where to
go. Well I pulled up and stopped at this intersection and
saw a car without their lights on and yelled out to turn
them on. Light turns green I drive forward and that car
gets behind me and suddenly I see red and blue flashing
lights, so I’m like “fuck.” I pull over and the officer
asks if I had been drinking, so now I’m thinking, shit what
do I say? Well I went with the truth and said a few beers.
Turns out I made an illegal turn and supposedly there were
3 signs saying I couldn’t make that turn. Well the guy
ended up just giving us a warning and let us on our ways so
that was good, as I didn’t feel like any tickets that
night. Saturday was a wash; I did pretty much nothing all
day as Troy never called me up as planned. Sunday was
fairly boring as well, had some bad sex, which was about
it. Now we come to today, well Monday. Photo class went
over well, turned my prints in and shit. Ended up skipping
the next class as I was tired and didn’t feel like putting
up with their shit. Tomorrow’s not going to be fun as I
have to paint and I haven’t a clue as to what I will. On
top of that I have to finish up my roll of film and then
develop it for Wednesday, if that weren’t enough I have a
paper to write for Wednesday as well. Not fun.