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2001-09-25 04:38:12 (UTC)

in out in out in out

there is nothing that i wouldnt do for you.
and there is nothing that you would expect me to.
and i dont blame you anymore.
nothing never seems enough.
and i hope that youre sure
about all of this.
i hope that youre not just lost
in this fading moment.
because i can not handle another goodbye.
you are tired of waiting.
and im not going to this time.
so if youre going to go.
you need to go now.
or else this is it.
and im ready this time to commit.
and if you dont want that.
if its not the right time.
if im not the right person.
if its just not the right anything.
thats alright too.
no matter what.
.i will always love you.

but none of this
is my fault.
and let me try...
to prove to you.
i mean everything.
and if you dont want it.
believe me i can front.
and believe me i can care but not get too involved.
cuz im not going down this time.
and im not goign to fuck up.
just to prove all of them wrong
fuck that man.
im sick of people assuming im going to fuck around.
its annoying.
yeah you know.
i can actually be a good girl.
its like, yeah ashley youre just a HUGE bitch.
no. ya know. even people that know me really well fuckign
think that shit. you know. no. no. youre all fuckign wrong.
and i fucking hate that. i hate that you know me and you
love me and THAT THAT is what you fucking think of me?
thats you know...the type of person i am? heh. yeah
well...maybe i am. but i dont have to be. you know. theres
a big difference there.
even now you know
even with ,whatever, i can.
because its ME doing this.
for her
and for me.
and its fine.
and it feels good you know
and im happy.
and falling asleep
and muttering about crazy shit