My Diary
2001-09-25 04:29:22 (UTC)

A Sunny Day

September 25, 2001 (Tuesday)

It seems very nice out and I only wish that I could be
outside instead of being sitting inside the office.
I watched one of my favorite TV shows " Ally McBeal" last
night, Ally really sorta reminds me of myself, the blue
feelings that she often has , the loneliness that she
always feels for, the confusing feelings on love

Since the US bombing incident happen on September 11th, the
world seems to be still in choas. I had to cancel my trip to the US
at the end of this month and rescheduled it a later time. Now, I will
be going to Chengdu/Jiuzhaigou in China instead. As there are so
many hiccups on planning my vacation this time, I really
hope that the upcoming China trip will good one.

Gloria bought me a nice B-day dinner last night to
celebrate my 28th Birthday. I sorta told her that I wanted
her to buy me a dinner for my b-day. I was a bit suprised she
accepted my suggestion without any further comments. No
matter what have happen before me and her, Gloria is
still my good sister, one and only.

What a pretty day, I am tired of having these depressing
and negative feelings. Let's cheer up and enjoy!