The void
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2003-02-15 21:46:13 (UTC)


mother thinks i'm selfish, this is nothing new, she's
always saying that to me.after i tell her everything that i
get up to. she should be grateful to me for not hiding
stuff from her.she's always calling me a selfish cow. i
spent five fucking years convinced i was selfish coz of her
thats why i kept my problems to as from now thats
going to happen again.she isn't going to know anything
about me anymore.
i found out my godmum is in debt and she's been diagnosed
with depression.i'm convinced her husband beats her too. so
as a result of this i'm fearing for my best friend.(her
son) iv'e been friends with him since i was born and he's
the only one thats been there for me really.even when my
parents don't want to know.he's like a prisioner in his own
home. they don't let him do anything.if he came out with me
and got stoned off his face it would be a bloody first! but
that's never going to happen!i might invite him round one
night,to just get drunk and chat. i miss him, haven't seen
him in ages.
i don't think iv'e ever seen skye cry so much before.all
because of joe. he believes some random person thats told
him skye wants to dump him.of course that's bullshit
because she loves him and would never in a million years
dream of saying that. what a fucking idiot! he's hurt my
mate, therefore i hate him.i'm really worried about skye.
she didn't text me back when i asked her if she was ok.
i cut myself again today.fuck.