Meshed Up
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2001-09-25 04:27:46 (UTC)

Boring Melbourne

Studying in Melbourne has its ups and downs.

Ups: No parents. Lots of friends. Freedom. No control.

Downs: Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Shops close early.

Melbourne is gorgeous's just boring. You can't go
anywhere if you don't have money. Chapel street is getting
old, Melbourne Central is just plain...boring. Where else?
St. Kilda is too far away, Brunswick...I haven't been to
Brunswick. Don't know where that is. South Melbourne
Beach...hmm boring too.

Imagine staying home all day during the holidays. How fun
can life get? Friends are bored too. Where else can we go?
What else can we do?

Saw two little girls flirting with three little boys
yesterday on the tram. Soon that flirting turned into
fighting. Don't know what they were fighting about, but
they sure were getting on my nerves. They were too noisy
and too rowdy. And for goodness sake, why flirt and fight
on a tram? Flirt and fight somewhere else where nobody can
get affected and annoyed by flying spit.

Crazy weather today. Sunny sky, bright day, dark sky, heavy
rain. Sun shines, clouds come, rain falls, wind howls. Sun
shines again, rain continues to fall, winds stop howling.
Clouds come, cover sun. Clouds disappear, sun's out again,
rain...? rain. I hope it stays sunny now. I hate
it when it rains.

Melbourne...the most livable city on the earth...sigh. I
suppose it is.