Kat Eyes
2003-02-15 21:23:41 (UTC)

february 15, 2003

not much happening here. just hanging out. i got a great
night's sleep last night. i fele bad for bridgette-she had
to work today :)dad went to vegas yesterday and gave me 60
bucks to go to the mall w/. and i found a 10 in my purse
while i was in the bathroom. i told grandma i wanted to go
by myself but she said there was no sense in her dropping
me off and then her having to turn right around so we met
up every 30 min. and she went to panny's and looked around.
i didn't care either way-i just love shopping on my own. so
i went to pacsun and got the cutest rusty tank top. its
grey and really cute. went to claires and got a pair of
wooden chopsticks and a grab bag (which had a red anklet
and a huge ring in it)then i got my blue crush dvd at
suncoast and the soundtrack at sam goody's. so it was cool.
but the shit really hit the fan when i was looking around
in anchor blue and i ran into blkae and alicia. i could
feel myself getting hot. i thought my face was burning red
but when i looked in a mirror i wa sok. it was so akward. i
mean alicia was being nice...well they both were but from
the fight we had blake and i are kinda like ....EH. we will
never be able to be friends b/c he will never stop lying to
me. and you know what ive bee thinking..i talked to winter
last night and she said that his and tata's relationship
wont last long and hes eventually gonna come back to me.
and by the time that happens i'll hate him. well not hate
but i wont wanna put up w/his shit. so yea. well i'm gonna
go play pool so l8r