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2003-02-15 21:14:02 (UTC)

I'm Gonna Whine

i've got about 20 minutes until i have to take my neighbor
to the market. i need the money dammit. my paycheck was a
lousy 108 dollars! sucks!!! oh well, my manager was nice
and gave me an extra shift next week. awesome. that should
get me 28 hrs on my next paycheck. oooo. that's nothin
compared to the 60 hrs i had during christmas. i got a car
to pay for...and gas...and cell phone...and clothes. im a
girl, i have to shop. last night at work wasn't that bad.
it just sucked when i got home. i had nothin better to do
than go online. and then nobody was on!!! i barely felt
like talkin anyway. i was just bummed cuz i knew everybody
else was enjoying a nice evening with their boyfriends or
girlfriends. last year i was lucky. johnny asked me to go
watch a movie. aww, that was a fun night. i saw him
yesterday too. i was drivin around (like always) and there
he was in his car right next to me. hehe. he told
me "follow me!" so i did. we went to his friend's house and
hung out. i wish i saw him more. he's like my best friend
and i can joke around with him...just be the dork that i am
and be comfortable. i even told him "ya i like some guy but
i think he hates me" he said "give it time, he'll like u" i
was a smartass "im not waitin 6 months for that time to
come ::ahem::" lol. i love bringin old stuff back to his
face and laughin. mwahahaha. "brother and sister fo life!"
lol. uyen!! where is the LOVE of my life? i told her that i
had a crush on her...and ya...she ignored me. ::sniff:: ha,
jk. it was friday and i think she forgot that's my
usual "horny day." lol. nah, that's not me foo. i am a
little angel. yup. aw 10 more minutes until i have to go.
why does it seem like i only have 2 friends? uyen and
steph - my bestest fwiends in the whole world. i talk to
other people but man...they never have the courtesy to be
like "let's hang out!" f*** that! you think people LIKE
being by themselves? NO! it f***** sucks! alright, no more
F word. oopsies. *5 more minutes* oh i called nelson during
my break last night. he was just as lonely so i wanted to
make sure he wasn't drinking his life away. lol. see! i
CARE about my friends! ::sniff:: i'm just gonna start
whining now. why doesn't anybody loooooove me? why don't i
have any frieeeeennnnds? why am i so craaaaazzyy? why don't
i have a booyyyyfrrriiiiieeeend? k enough is enough. not
like anybody reads this anyway. alright, have a great day
everybody. muah! xoxoxoxo - drela