Jim Diary
2001-09-25 03:51:24 (UTC)

Finally, I'm back

Well, I've absent for 2 weeks. Obviously lots of news
going on during this past 2 weeks. The 1st one was 9.11 US
terror attack, and then 9.17 Taiwan Severe floods...As a
result, I don't really have time to update my diary.

Got a interesting project to do this week, I get to plan my
ideal vacation, and I choose UK. I'm still wondering what
kind of attractions I'm going to put down. Perhaps gaybars
or clubs? hehe.

Anyways, about the 9.11 attack, I saw a quote from an
airline news site. It said:

"American we are. United we stand". Noticed something?

Well, think it one more time, what are the airlines' Boeing
757 and 767 crashed into World Trade Center and The
Pentagons and near Sommerset, PA?

Yep, American Airlines and United Airlines...Silly

Just finished some really exciting clips and transfer them
on to the CD-rom, gotta watch it now! So...later!

P.S. Poor Taiwan, after the bitchy typhoon "Nari" caused
the worst floods in 400 years in Taiwan's history, now his
brother, "Lekima" is coming...stay tuned for details...