Book of Suicide
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2003-02-15 19:25:24 (UTC)


i have endured so many losses over the past minor six
months. i've lost one of my best friends who went down the
wrong road and is now paying for it in jail. another who
has drowned in drugs and moved away, physically and
mentally. one who has transferred schools and who i admire
to the fullest extent of the word's meaning. someone else
who is of my own flesh and blood who is changing and
twisting farther away from me. someone who i've known
since my first year of school who's been ripped apart by
rising demons that have lurked for years. i've lost three
of my dearest pets. two of my ferrets who've brought so
much joy to my life, and my wonderful german shepard who
brought laughter and shaking of heads with his
intelligence. i love these people (and animals) dearly,
but one who stands out the most, and whose absence i feel
the most, is my closest friend, laura. she's moved on with
her life, though her pain is intricately woven into my
own. she has stood by me for so long and held me above
water when i was drowning. i hope that she receives
everything that she ever desires because she deserves it.
i don't know if she'll ever read this, but i at least want
others who read my pieces to know that if it weren't for
this amazing, beautiful person in my life, i wouldn't be
here. she was my mother when i needed guidance, my advisor
when i needed an opinion, my friend when i needed to talk,
my mentor when i needed a sister, and my teacher when i
needed to learn. thank you laura, for all of your wisdom,
kindness, and friendship you've shared with me.