listen to my silences
2003-02-15 19:22:54 (UTC)


i made anti-v-day cards for sara and the guy she's dating.
it was funny. they liked them. i made them out of black
paper and drew on them with a white out pen.

i did kind of go to that party i wrote about yesterday.
brodie called to tell me happy v-day, which was really
sweet of him. he told this chick he is talking to that he
would have to talk to her later because he had to tell me
happy v-day and make sure i was okay. there are reasons he
is my best friend, this is just one of many.

i threw a big fit yesterday, other than wearing all black.
i talked to him online a little bit, not really though.
then when i got off i found his shirt and put it on. then
i got the animals he gave me and curled up on my bed,
turned evan and jaron on again, and cried myself to sleep.
when sara came back before her date she woke me up and i
felt better. then when brodie called i felt pretty good.
and i sorta went to that party and after that i was okay.

k, the party. i was on the phone with brodie and someone
beeped in. it was the guy from my religion class who has a
big crush on me. he asked me if i wanted to go play pool
with him and some of his friends. i told him i didn't know
but i might show up later. i clicked back over to brodie
and told him. he told me to go or else. and not to mope
around. i said i'd think about it but i wasn't going to go
until later when i was done talking to him. which was
whenever the chick he's talking to would call back. we
talked for a long time and then she called back so i told
him i'd talk to him later and that i was going to play pool.

so i went over to lowers. it was all right. we watched
gone in sixty seconds, which was great since i hadn't seen
it in awhile. a long while. then afterwards me and three
of the people there came over to my room and watched monty
python. and we had a big water fight. such fun such fun.
and today, i'm going to go buy fish with one of them.
speaking of, i have to get offline so they can call. later

final thought: are you okay? are you sure? cause you
just went through a wall...