I was hiding under there....
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2003-02-15 19:21:26 (UTC)

Basketball Game was more eventful than you'd think...

Let me set it up for ya

We have a team of 8 when we're supposed to have a team of
10. 3 girls dropped out and then my friend Lauren p. joined
our team. Well, one of the girls wasn't supposed to be able
to come to the game today because she had a ski trip. So we
thought we would only have 7 players. Then, another girl
called yesterday saying that she was really sick so she
wouldn't be able to play. Then, (yes another 'then') one
girl's father came to the game and said his daughter
wouldn't be able to make it b/c she was really sick. So we
were down to 5 players. Well luckily, the girl who was
going on a ski trip was able to come after all because her
trip was cancelled. So we were back up to 6. But them,
another girl had to leave at 10:00 so she would miss like
10 mins of the game. Well, the same time she was leaving,
my heart started racing really fast and i was having a hard
time breathing. So my mom took me out to main concourse at
the Y and the people had to call the paramedics! Meanwhile,
my team was playing with only 4 people!! Well the
paramedics came and they asked my mom what hospital she
wanted to take me to! So i was freaking out even more! But
she talked to them and they said i was probably having an
exertion asthma attack or whatever they called it since i
was playing so hard. (plus the temp in the gym we were
playing in was like 90 degrees) so it was quite an eventful

I'm gonna go, there's a bubble bath calling my name!!