Lets talk about life
2003-02-15 19:00:10 (UTC)


Right now my life sux badly... Yesturday was v-day and my
b/f got me flowers and shit.. All we did yesturday was sit
and watch movies.. I love him so much but sometimes i
dont.. I mean he si sweet but there is something about him
that bothers me and i dont know how long i can deal with
it.. I am thinking about dumpin him, but if i do then
cassie and james will get mad at me and my mom would be
relieved..i am in great need of advice i dont know what to
do.. i am scared that my sis and everyone will hate me but
i think alot will say thank god cuz they think that he
would try to hurt me or somethin.. I am thinking about
stayin single but i dont know how long i can cuz i am
always datin someone.. i want to be single but there is
someone that i like that always comes around.. the longest
i stayed single was 7 months... i really dont trust guys
right now cuz of what alot of my ex's did to me.. they
asked me to marry them then they went and cheated on me..
it is a horrible feelin... and if he does this to i dont
know what i would do... i cant trust him cuz he cheated on
my friend and said that he would never cheat on them... but
he is tellin me the same things and i dont know who to
believe and shit... it is truely startin to scare me i need
help or advice... everythin is addin on eachother and i
dont know how much longer i can hold on to him and my
friends... i hate being young and goin thru this shit..
when it comes to others i can help but when it comes to me
i can help myself i dont know why...and while i am datin
him i love someone else and i have loved this guy for three
years... i dont know what to do..