Stream of Consciousness
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2003-02-15 18:33:53 (UTC)

woke up

well, its now 1:26 in the afternoon and i just woke up.
no, i wasnt up till an ungodly hour, i just dont have
anything worth waking up for.
anyway, i work today at 7. im glad its 7 and not 2. i
hate getting up and rushing to get in everything i need
done before work, then when i get there i feel tense.
we are going to open up a tanning salon next door to our
store, should be happening some time by the middle of next
month, im not looking forward to this at all. im affraid
its going to bring an atmosphere to my job that i dont
like, artificial, hip, cool. i hate all that, and im
affraid its going to be going in that direction.
i applied to bloomsburg a few days back, i hope to jesus
that i get accepted, everyone tells me its silly to worry
because they are sure i have been, but its just my nature.
i swear if i dont go there i dont know what ill do. i have
no real interest in going anywhere else, thats pretty much
it for me.
and of course who did i think about first thing when i
woke up today? her. fucking eh. i wish i could take a shaft
with a pointed end and shove it into the part of my brain
that controls emotions, or sexual drive and just moosh it
around a little bit. im out.

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