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2003-02-15 18:15:57 (UTC)

Valentine's Day

Ha...that's a laugh...the most romantic day of the year my
ass! Oh well, I'm not bitter or anything, I even put
ribbons in my hair and wore red. But that's it. Nothing
happened-like that's a surprise. But there really wasn't
an oppertunity for anything to happen either.
I had fun though, we spent the day together and it was
nice and easy and relaxing. I have strep throat so my
throat was hurting like a bitch but I didn't really notice
while I was there but I woke up this morning and it hurts
like such a God it got worse. So I'm taking
that liquid fruit medicine...amoxycillin (or however the
fuck you spell it) and it tastes good but I can't eat so
I'm starving but there's nothing :(
At least no one asked what me and Her were doing for
Valentines Day...then I'd cry!
Anna went with Lindz and Natasha to the Roost...why the
fuck Lindz went I have no clue (have to wait till the
princess wakes up) but right now I'm losing respect very
quickly for her-she is a fucking dog but me thinks Anna
might have a go at her *shudders* Anna you slut-she's
hideous NO!!! I will cry if that happened. Well as long
as she's enjoying herself, I prefer to wait for the real
blonde I want, not some cheap annoying substitute. But
anyway, gotta phone in sick for work. And before Anna gets
too defensive-I'm joking!

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