Watch me lose it...
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2003-02-15 17:56:54 (UTC)


Listening to : Alien Ant Farm - Attitude
Spent most of last night building and configuring a
dedicated Unreal Tournament server for the network. It didnt
quite work right in terms of disk space so I've moved the
servers round. The 600 now runs Unreal Tournament, capture
the flag permenantly...the cyrix 300 that I had now shares
the internet. Really I've been looking at a new hub though
to get the network to 100 speed and a new box that'll take
the 1.2ghz duron I got run unreal. It lags a bit when theres
two of us or more on it
River has been on and off...but more off than on...if that
makes sense. I'm doing my best...the project has to end..its
gonna go to same way as Nina and Julie and all the others. I
need to remind myself I shouldn't chase such things.
Still havent heard from Tawny or written to her..but read
her diary a few times.
Glad to be having a week off. Need to get Blake to fix my car.