Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-09-25 03:17:59 (UTC)


I've always planned on going to college right out of high
school, but now I'm not so sure. I had a random idea, and
for some strange reason, it refuses to go away. I guess
it's not that strange. I've made a lot of the most
important decisions in my life on impulse. I trust my
instincts, and go with my whims. I've yet to see the
consequences of said decisions, but it seems to have served
me well thusfar. So maybe that's why I haven't dismissed
this idea offhand. I still haven't worked out all the
details... but I think I might take a year off after high
school, before I enroll full time in college. I'm one of
the youngest people in my grade anyways, so it wouldn't set
me too far behind. Since I'm not really sure what I want
to do, I think it would be a good idea for me to explore
some options. I'd get a job, (maybe an apartment, cuz
living at home would really suck), and enroll locally in an
emt-I course. I don't really know yet... my master plan is
still in its embryonic stage, and I haven't said anything
to my parents, but I'm actually seriously considering it.