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2003-02-15 17:52:24 (UTC)


*hey wassup? sosh! im lyk completely board!.. i juss
membered i have a husband from the summer~anthony.. kinda
forgot for a min!.. we met thru my x boyfrienz lil
brother.. hes lyk 11 or sumin.. it was juss a joke when me
and a bunch of my friends were smashed! it was fun hangin
out w. them tho.. lil kids r madd funny!.. but o well.. soo
yea valentines day yesterday sucked!.. i got nothing
basically n i hadda come to my dads.. 1 of my bess frienz-
more lyk a sista- got her heart broken lass nite! i wish i
cudda been online to talk to her more but my dad was
bitchin! she has a ruff relationship w. guys b4 n then she
moved n started ova n got hurt again! i felt so bad!..
talkin bout feelin bad.. i feel lyk shit everytime sum1
tells me they lyk me cuz then i kno that imma hurt them
when i say no.. i mean its not that i dont ylk them cuz
half the ppl that lyk me i lyk juss cuz i dun think i wanna
have a boyfrien n cuz i dun wanna hurt all the other 1s
that lyk me!.. w.e tho.. theas this kid adam that i talk ta
alot now.. we used to chil las year.. hes madd kool.. idk
what elts ta say sep im juss so aggerated at ppl lykin me!
i wanna b able ta go out w. sum1 or hook up w. sum1 w. sum1
elts being up my ass bout it! w.e im out! peace!*