Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-02-15 17:49:25 (UTC)


Well today i woke up and went to work. I started at 9 and
finished at 1. Hmmm well my transport home got screwed up
and i didn't end up getting home until like after 4.. i was
pretty pissed off. Then I had to go out straight to youth.
Well that was pretty cool. I was hanging out at Garden City
while I waited to get a way home and i ran into Belinda.
Man that was pretty crazy because about 30 seconds before i
ran into her.. i was thiking "hey what if i run into
Belinda today.. i haven't seen her in ages" well we talked
for like 2 minutes and she was like "Am i allowed to hug
you?" and i'm like "yes" so she gave me a big hug and
goes "I missed you." It was really nice.. man Belinda used
to be the best friend.. she's a champ. Anyway.. i stayed up
and watched the world cup cricket tonight... The game ended
at about midnight.. Australia won hooray! and then i went
to bed.. but i got phoned up at like 2am by cameron.. who
was telling me about how he got to go on stage with Frenzal
Rhomb (like his 2nd fav band) and now he's on channel V
which is beaming all across the nation. Yeah it's pretty
damn cool! Hmm i'm so happy for him.. that would have made
his day..awww... so cool! But now it's like 4am and i can't
get to sleep.. I'm drinknig a hell of a lot of coffee
though..but damn it.. man this is annoying.. i'll be right
for today though... hmm it's Sunday.. but i'm writing about
Saturday. Well at the moment i'm in a very nothing type of
mood and i'm listening to no music. Hooray! I'm supposed to
be up at 6am so there's not that much point of going back
to sleep.. i might try though i've already drunk a nice
ammount of coffee. Anyway.. goodnight/goodmorning/goodbye!